Offenhartz & Pedersen, LTD. would like to wish you and yourfamily a healthy and happy Holiday Season!

The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends and at O&P, we are available throughout the entire holiday season to take your calls and help guide you through any bonding procedures. We offer our expertise and insight 24/7 because bonding issues can come up at any time.

The Holidays are the most joyful time of the year, so here are some tips to stay safe and enjoy the season.

  1. Always assign a family member or friend to be the designated driver. It is easy to forget when drinking strong holiday drinks like eggnog and hot cocoa with peppermint Snapps, the ability to drive becomes impaired.
  2. Take precautions against inclement weather. New York City has recently been covered with enough snow to make the roads dangerous and more difficult to navigate. Remember to change to winter tires, carry an ice scraper, and proceed with caution when snow is present.
  3. Be wary of shady vendors around the City. The holidays are a perfect time for swindlers to use shoppers for a quick buck. If a brand item is being sold for a reduced price, it could be stolen, and you could be implicated in the crime.

If you don’t have an immediate question but still have some concerns about a type of bond, you can look through our extensive blog post history to learn more about bonds for guardianship(s), appeals, preliminary injunctions, mechanic’s liens, and much, much more. We also offer some insight into common underwriting principles such as how to read financial statements and their components like income statements and balance sheets. O&P prides itself on our expertise in the field of commercial surety bonding.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays!