What You Need to Know to Obtain a Seizure Bond

What You Need to Know to Obtain a Seizure Bond

When a plaintiff motions a court in New York State for an order directing the sheriff to seize real property that is rightfully theirs — but is being held by the defendant for a variety of reasons — the court sets what is called an undertaking in an action for...

Process Server Bond NYC

Update 1/7/2014: Many process server bonds will renew on February 28, 2014. If you need help obtaining a new bond, do not hesitate to contact our office! To obtain a process server license in New York, an applicant must obtain a Process Server bond. Process servers...

Injunction Bonds

Injunction bonds are necessary for some litigation proceedings. Simply put, an injunction is an order from a court requiring a party to do, or not do, a particular activity. The injunction bond protects the restrained party from damages in the event the court later...

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