Money Transmitter Bonds

Money Transmitter Bonds

Money transmitter bonds are required in various states for entities that obtain licenses to transmit money. Generally, these bonds are looked at as not risky, but given what’s happening in the banking sector and the cryptocurrency market, a lot of surety markets...
Subdivision Bonds — Part 1

Subdivision Bonds — Part 1

A land subdivision is when a developer takes a piece of raw land with nothing on it, and divides it into smaller pieces or lots, presumably to build homes. The lots can become other things, but typically it is intended for homes. Let’s say you have a one-acre...

Guardian Bonds – Part One

The topic of guardianship’s is quite dense. Therefore, this will begin a series of posts concerning guardian bonds. This first post is a brief overview of what a guardianship is and why a bond might be required. Guardian bonds are required in Surrogates’ Courts...

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