Neil Pedersen of Pedersen & Sons Surety Bond Agency and first responder John Feal of the Fealgood Foundation joined forces last month to get commemorative 9/11 license plates rolling in New York after the DMV had stalled on the effort.

Governor Cuomo signed a law in August of 2018 that called on the DMV to issue the plates. But the DMV claimed they could not design or produce the plates until the DMV was issued a $6,000 bond to cover initial costs, or if they sold 200 license plates.

When Neil Pedersen heard that the effort was at a standstill he thought it was silly that a $6,000 surety bond was holding up the whole process. Having been in the surety bond business for 10 years, he knew how easy it was to obtain a surety bond when the applicant deals with a knowledgeable agency. It also bothered him that funds (the annual $25 fee per plate) meant to benefit 9/11 victims, first responders, and their families were being held up.

Under the DMV rules, Pedersen needed an organization to co-sponsor the bond. That’s when he joined up with John Feal of the Fealgood Foundation. The plate design has been approved and production has started.  You can order your commemorative license today.

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