My office regularly gets approached about small bonds, such as $500, $1,000, $5,000, $2,500, and $10,000. These are often referred to as nominal bonds since they are so small. Whatever the amount, we appreciate the opportunity to work on the bond regardless of the size. Many of these nominal surety bonds are freely underwritten without collateral. We look to have these bonds issued efficiently, bill the appropriate party, and have it so that the attorney can file them promptly.

The reason I bring this up, I’ve spoken with many clients over the years who do not want to call us on these matters since they’re so small. They have said, I did not think you issued bonds this small. A surety bond agency is in the service business.  At Pedersen & Sons, we value each and every one of our clients. There is no bond too small or too large for us to handle.

Sometimes our attorney clients look to find other ways of satisfying the court requirement of having a bond. These ways may end up costing 10, 20, or 30 hours of work for an attorney, which will far exceed any annual bond premium on small matters. It is also a waste of the attorney’s time. Most attorneys do not want to spend part of their week dealing with court clerks or figuring out what the requirement is to deposit cash with the court. They want to focus on what is important-the case at hand. We’re thrilled to service our clients’ bonding needs, regardless of the size.

So, even if you have a small bond, we’ll take care of it. We look to provide the highest level of service regardless of size and give you the individual time and attention that you deserve. We value your business. My name’s Neil Pederson. Give me a call today to discuss any bonding situation.

Neil Pedersen
15 Maiden Lane Suite #800
New York, NY, 10038

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