Securing a Temporary Restraining Order Bond by Neil Pedersen

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is a short-term solution that can protect an individual. 

There are different reasons why a client would make an application to the New York State Court for a Temporary Restraining Order. For example, if an attorney feels their client will be harmed by an action of someone or an entity, they can make an application to the court. The application is through an order to show cause. The Judge can then order a “TRO bond,” also known as an undertaking on a temporary restraining order. Generally, a TRO bond is very short-term, lasting from a couple of days to two weeks until a hearing can be scheduled either for a preliminary injunction or an attachment order.  

A Temporary Restraining Order Bond with Pedersen & Sons 

The TRO bond protects the opposing party for damages in the event that the temporary restraining order was granted improperly. These damages would ultimately have to be proven in, and awarded by, a court before being awarded. At Pedersen & Sons, we evaluate three (3) areas:

1. The client’s financial strength,

2. The likelihood of any damages being proven, and

3. The amount of the bond.

Many of these bonds are small and nominal, making them a headache for the attorney to obtain. Our office can streamline the process, making it simple and efficient to get.

A temporary restraining order can be cancelled if: 

• The injunction is made permanent;

• A judgment is entered against the other side; or

• There’s a stipulation to discontinue the case. 

We suggest that you have your client pre-approved for any bond before making a TRO application. If a client cannot get bonded, it doesn’t make sense to enter the application.

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