Supply Bonds [VIDEO]

When you have a contract to supply certain items, a supply bond guarantees the buyer that the purchased items will be supplied. If the items are not delivered or the quality is not satisfactory, the supply bond provides the buyer with a means of recourse.  Please give...
The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Bonds

The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Bonds

Today I want to talk about the importance of insurance coverage and help you understand when an insurance policy provides or requires the insurer to indemnify a surety company for a bond on behalf of their insured.  It is important to know if there is a policy that...
Cancelling a Notice of Pendency

Cancelling a Notice of Pendency

(3 minutes to read) Today, I’d like to talk about the New York Consolidated Laws, Civil Practice Law, and Rules — CVP § 6515 subsection (2), which concerns the cancellation of a Notice of Pendency where both the plaintiff and the defendant are required to post...

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