When a bond applicant submits an application, the applicant must also submit relevant court papers for most of the bonds we issue. The court documents are a necessary part of the underwriting process. Underwriters and producers need to fully examine and understand the extent of the obligation. This includes knowing the identity of the obligee, the reason for the bond, the amount of the bond, and any other relevant information.

All court documents must have a judge’s signature. Court bonds, in general, continue until cancellation. Cancellation evidence also includes court documents usually signed by a judge. The bond premiums renew yearly on the monthly anniversary of the bond’s issue until the full cancellation date.

Below is a short list of the documents required for our most common bonds:

Bond Type                                                                                                              Court Papers Most Often Requested

Appeal, Supersedeas Order of Judgment and Notice of Appeal
Guardianship Court Evaluator’s Report, Order Appointing Guardian, Petition for the Appointment of a Guardian
Administration Petition for Letters of Administration
Preliminary Executor Probate Petition, Will, Application for Preliminary Letters Testamentary, Decree (To Indicate Bond Amount – If Available)
Receiver Order Appointing Receiver
Discharge Mechanic’s Lien Notice Under Mechanic’s Lien Law
TRO/Preliminary Injunction Order to Show Cause – Specifying the bond amount and obligation
Game of Chance Bonds Contest rules and regulations

Sometimes our office requests additional documents or information if details about a particular bond need further scrutiny or clarification. Administration bonds may require letters from the attorney or the petitioner explaining the assets of the estate or their relationship to the decedent. For litigation bonds such as temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, appeals, and supersedeas, the underwriter may ask for previous court papers to understand the case better.

Thanks to eCourts, our office has ready access to many court documents of an eFiled case. eCourts has simplified and streamlined the process of obtaining court documents by replacing paper copies and mail delivery with PDF documents and email.

 Note: Underwriters request the rules and regulations of a contest for Game of Chance bonds. These are not court documents, but rather compare more to contracts.