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What You Need to Know to Obtain a Seizure Bond

What You Need to Know to Obtain a Seizure Bond

When a plaintiff motions a court in New York State for an order directing the sheriff to seize real property that is rightfully theirs — but is being held by the defendant for a variety of reasons — the court sets what is called an undertaking in an action for...

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Fighting Eviction: Stay for Use and Occupancy

When a commercial or residential tenant is being evicted from their space by a landlord, CPLR 5519 [a] [6] provides for a stay for use and occupancy. The court issues a judgment of eviction which requires the tenant to vacate the property. Tenants can appeal the eviction and, pending the appeal, post a bond to stop it; this is called a stay for use and occupancy.

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Understanding the Importance of Attachment Bonds

Since prejudgment attachment cases often involve fraud — like when a company is defrauded out of money or property and needs to immediately have that money or property turned over to a third party who is the sheriff of the county where the property is located — an attachment proceeding is a necessity in situations like these. An undertaking or bond is a requirement according to New York Civil Practice Law and Rules (CPLR) for attachment proceedings.

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